Sprouted beans, bean sprout

Sprouted beans, bean sprout

Prep Time 4 d
Course authentic, recipes


  • Any kind of dried beans


  • Rinse the dried beans with water.Soak them overnight with almost double the amount of water.Next day drain the water and put them in a perforated container or any container with holes. Cover them with a black cloth or towel.In next 12 hours or so, sprinkle water just enough to make the beans moist and cover them back.Repeat the same process at least two times a day for 3 days.Beans will start to sprout fully from the fourth day.



  • While choosing the beans, make sure the beans are from the trusted company who sells good quality beans. Very old and bad beans won’t sprout fully and often go rancid. So choosing the highest quality beans are the first priority.
  • Try to rinse and soak the beans in distilled water so that they sprout in a healthy moisture.
  • We don’t particularly need black towel or cloth. Any cloth or material which blocks the light to pass through the beans are just required. We can even sprout the beans in a dark room where there is enough air circulated. Sprouts with start to turn green and grow micro greens if accidentally exposed to light for a longer period of time.
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