Rato mula, Nepali red radish

Rato mula, Nepali red radish.

Family of Brassicaceae.

These radishes are also locally known as Pyuthane mula. Various types of mulas are grown in Nepal in different regions like flat lands [terai], hilly regions [pahad] etc. 

These are sharper in taste, actually eye-wateringly spicy but mild sweeter after peeled. The spicier part of radishes are actually the skin. So while cooking them, peel if we don’t want spicy or leave the skin on for spicy, vice versa. 

Mula greens are very crunchy and delicious. We can eat it raw [kaacho], just avoid those hair coming out of greens which can be a little stinging sometimes. It can also be stir fried like other greens [bhuteko mulako saag].

Few popular dishes which are made from mula are jarred pickles, kacho mulako achar [fresh radish pickles], green salad, Nepali mula tarkari [curry] etc. 

Mula is cut into small pieces and fermented to make Sinki [sun-dried radishes] and the greens fermented to make Gundruk [a popular fermented greens). Both make a fantastic dish when cooked together. 

Mulas as cut and sun dried are called mulako chana.

Mulas are also sun dried as whole uncut which is called Samjhana. These are boiled prior to cooking.  

A popular street food Pani Puri [originated from India] have also started mashed radishes on their dipping sauce to make it more spicier. 

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