Amba, guava

Amba [Nepali name], guava [English name].

Binomial name Psidium guajava.

Guava is a yellowish tropical fruit, globular or pear shaped with thin, yellow, green or brown skin. It tastes like a combination of strawberry and a pear. The pulp found inside the fruit may taste sweet or sour depending on the type of guava or the ripeness of the fruit.

Guava farming in Nepal started ancient times growing their own use only. Guava is one of the most common fruits successfully grown all over Nepal in both tropical and subtropical climates. It is grown in the Terai [flat lands] and pahad [hilly region]. It is grown from an altitude of 115 meters above sea level in Bara to 1600 meters above sea level in Terhathum. Guava is a favorite fruit among poor farmers as it is a relatively low maintenance crop that reaps great benefits.  

Guava is rich in Vitamin C and it helps to protect cells and lower cancerous damage to them. 

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