All about Nepalese food and ingredients

Khana Khanubhayo? Hey everyone! Welcome to explore an exciting Nepalese food recipes and techniques. Let us widen our concept of an unrevealed Nepalese food study. Some of the key features of this websites are as follows:

This website is created to explore Nepalese regional, ethnic and cultural food. Although there are no historical documents about the particular Nepalese ethnic food, it is based upon the production and consumption as particularly by different ethnic groups.

In the EAST MEETS WEST category, we can find recipes with fine culinary techniques and plate presentation. Does not it sound exiting, healthy, and creative?

All recipes have a comment section to comment about the food and post related recipes with pictures.

East meets west

Creative Nepalese food recipes. Same daal bhat, but just different approach of cooking techniques and presentation.

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Complete recipe of popular Nepalese dishes with pictures.


Nepali cooking ingredients pictures in high resolution. Includes information about the ingredients with basic nutrition value.

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