kalo bhatmas, black soybeans

Kalo bhatmas, black soybeans

Binomial name Glycine max

Some famous dishes of Nepal made from black soybeans are samay baji, bhatmas sadheko, gundruk ra bhatmas etc.

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Vui razma, pinto beans

Vui razma, pinto beans, red spotted beans.
Binomial name Phaseolus vulgaris.


Gahatko daal, Horse gram

Gahatko daal,horse gram, kulthi bean, hurali, Madras gram.
Binomial name Macrotyloma uniflorum.


Seto makai, white corn

Seto Makai, white corn.
White corn is a member of the grass family Gramineae.


Sukeko thulo kerau, dried big peas

Sukeko thulo kerau, dried big peas. Also called Mr big.
binomial name Pisum Sativum.


Masyang, rice beans

Masyang, rice beans.
Binomial name Vigna umbellata

Rahar ko daal, pigeon peas

Rahar ko daal, pigeon peas
binomial name Cajanus cajan


Laharey razma, red speckled kidney beans

Lahare razma, red speckled kidney beans.
This beans needs support to grown on because their stems and grow long and aren’t strong to stand by itself.
Scientific classification as family of bean Phaseolus vulgaris.


musoor daal, red lentils

Musoor daal, yellow lentils. 

Binomial name family Lens culinaris.

Lentils are generally consumed as split or whole.

The basic method of cooking lentils in Nepal is by boiling or cooking with spices and water. Most of the lentil soups are finished with a touch or ghee. Ghee is also tempered with desired spices like cumin, fenugreek, onions etc.



Moong, mung beans

Moong, mung beans.
binomial name Vigna radiata.