ghiraula, sponge gourd

Ghiraula, sponge gourd.

Binomial name Luffa aegyptiaca.

Also called smooth luffa gourd.

A cylindrical-shaped common vegetable in Nepal.

Skin is peeled and mature seeds are removed prior to cooking. Goes well with potatoes.

A very mature and dried ghiraula can be used as sponge in bathrooms and kitchen. This is a very traditional practice in Nepal.

Mature ghiraula can also be recycled with plastic.

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bhanta, baigun, eggplant

Bhanta, Baigun, or Eggplant

Binomial family Solanum Melongena

In Nepal, eggplants are basically cooked as quick stew, stir fry or deep fried. 

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Tatey simi, sword beans

Tate simi, tarware simi, sword beans. 

Binomial name Canavalia gladiata


Skush, Chayote, binomial name Sechium Edule

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Farshi, pumkin

Fasri, pakeko farsi, pumpkin.

Famous cultivar of squash family, binomial name Cucurbita pepo.  


pumpkin vines

Young pumpkin in plant

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Barkauli, brocoli

Barkauli, brocoli. Binomial name Brassica Oleracea Var. Botrytis.

Gyathcopi, kohlrabi

Gyathcopi, kohlrabi. Binomial name Brassica Oleracea.