Pyaj, onion


Binomial name Allium cepa.

Red onions are generalized as pyaj in Nepal. Though there are many types of onions, only red onions are grown popularly.

Pyaj are round in shape sized from a golf ball to a little bigger than tennis ball. They have red and purplish color which are beautifully layered into white skin.

Pyaj taste spicy when raw but sweet when cooked.

Pyaj is an important ingredient in daily Nepalese kitchen. It is cooked initially in prior to addition of most of the vegetables and meat cooking. It is also a necessary garnish in some famous dishes like Sekuwa [stir-fried meat], Bhuteko Chana [fried bengal gram], Usineko Chana [boiled bengal gram etc. Hariyo pyaj [spring onions or scallions] are known for cooking with with fried rice, chowmein, gundruk [dried fermented greens], kinema [fermented soybeans and many more.

An Indian authentic dish Pyaj ko Pakoda [battter-fried onions] is a very famous food sold in Nepalese restaurants and streets. They are crunchy, sweet and spicy snack served in parties.

Red onions are grown all throughout the year.