Ukhu, sugarcane

Ukkhu, sugarcane, one of the several perennial true grasses of the genus Saccharum


Tatey simi, sword beans

Tate simi, tarware simi, sword beans. 

Binomial name Canavalia gladiata


Amba, guava

Amba, guava.

Binomial name Psidium guajava

gante mula, turnip

Gante mula, turnips.

Binomial name Brassica rapa var. rapa.

In Nepal, gante mula is known as red radish, but actually, it is turnip. The bulbs have a radish like sharp taste and often cooked with potatoes and meat items. Greens can also be cooked like any other green vegetables. 




Skush, Chayote, binomial name Sechium Edule

Tongbako bhada, tongba serving vessel

Tongko bhada, tonba serving vessel. Straw is called pipa. Basically made out of wood, bamboo and aluminum.

A traditional alcoholic hot beverage named tonga is served in this vessel.